The late great Cesar Chavez was an advocate for U.S. Farmworkers and his legacy lives on today in the many who fight for justice in a variety of industries, including Housing.

All nonprofits have a vital role to play in strengthening democracy, advancing freedom of expression, and adding richness and diversity to community life. Throughout our history, Americans have turned to nonprofit organizations to provide a strong, collective voice to inform and influence public policy.

Advocacy encompasses a wide range of activities that influence decision makers. Advocacy includes traditional activities such as litigation, lobbying, and public education. It can also include capacity building, relationship building, forming networks, and leadership development. Lobbying refers to activities that are intended to influence a specific piece of legislation.

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Description of Board Positions


The chief administrative duty of the president is to represent the organization. The president signs all legal documents; supervises over the activities of the organization, represents and/or speaks on behalf of the chapter and presides at meetings. However, the president should never bind the organization to contracts without the official approval of the board of directors.

The president must be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedures for the purpose of chairing and calling of chapter meetings, establish and following chapter meeting agendas and order of business. The chapter president is expected to have a working knowledge of proper steps in the making, debating, and voting of motions along with the different classes or types of motions and how they are ranked.

The president will call for agenda to meetings, review and approve the board meeting proposed agenda, and all aspects of each event produced by NHORA. The president will be familiar with any unfinished business from previous meetings and any new business that will be on the agenda. The president is responsible for keeping strategic time lines for the year’s agenda and responsible for keeping committee chairs and activities moving forward on schedule as planned.

The president will have a thorough working knowledge of the governing documents (i.e. bylaws, rules of order, etc).

The president will call the meetings to order on time and determine that a quorum is present before proceeding with the meeting.

The president will chair all meetings and lead all business in the proper sequence and entertain every motion that is in order. If a member raises an issue that is not in order at that time, the president should stop the incorrect procedure immediately.

It is the president’s duty to protect the assembly from frivolous or dilatory motions and from any attempt by a few members to push an action through without following the democratic process.


The Affiliate Chapter Past President becomes a voting member of the NHORA National Leadership Council upon successful succession of the new chapter president to the affiliate chapter board of directors.

The Past President will continue to be bound by the NHORA Code of Conduct, NHORA Pledge of Integrity, continue to remain a Member in Good Standing, act as non-voting advisor/mentor to the affiliate chapter, and participate in NHORA National Leadership Council initiatives in order to earn the right to vote within the NHORA National Leadership Council.


The office of the Vice-President shares in the duties of the president and presides at the chapter meetings and events when the president is unable to attend. The Vice President steps in if the office of the president if the presidency is vacated for any reason. The Vice-Presidential assumption of the duties of President must be ratified by the board of directors, documented in minutes, and said assumption of Presidency be verified by NHORA National Leadership within 72 hours of said ratification by the NHORA Affiliate Chapter Board of Directors.

In the event the current Vice-President has not successfully completed a minimum of one year term of a previous board position, or is for any reason unable to step in to the position of President, the Immediate Past President in good standing with the Nhora National Leadership Council will step into the position of President until such time as a qualified Vice President is ready to assume the Presidency. The assumption of the Immediate Past President to the Presidency must be approved and ratified by NHORA National BOD and then by the Chapter BOD.


Together with the president, the secretary should notify members of their election to office, and furnishes all board members with the proper documents:
Membership Applications, Candidacy Documents, Agenda for Meetings, Minutes of previous membership meeting for approval at Board of Director Meetings, Project Proposal Templates, etc. as directed by board activities.

Secretary maintains the official Chapter Records Book with all documents of the organization in a hard copy and digital copy in a safe place, including the bylaws, rules of order, standing rules, correspondence, committee reports / minutes, signed candidacy documentation including NHORA Chapter BOD Member signed Code of Conduct and Pledge of Integrity. He or She keeps the bylaws and other governing documents up-to-date with any changes made through the amendment process, and brings said documents to Board meetings as needed. Secretary to keep copy of all documents, giving a copy to the President. At the end of his/her term, the Secretary will turn all documentation over to the incoming secretary at the proper board meeting and itemized minutes must be taken of said transferral of data to the new secretary or directly to the President. (See section VIII-C)

Secretary emails notice of each forthcoming board meeting and major board deadlines. Assists the president in the Call for Agenda to each monthly board meeting. Takes minutes of all board meetings, handles the Chapter correspondence, and prepares the agenda for each meeting. Minutes should be sent to all board members no later than one week after the respective meeting. In the event that the Secretary cannot attend the meeting, the Secretary responsibility will be to appoint another board member to take the minutes in their place.


The Treasurer/ CFO receives and deposits event fees in the NHORA of (City) bank account and NEVER KEEPS NHORA of (City) money in his or her personal account.

The Treasurer/CFO pays out all chapter expenses as directed and approved by majority vote from the Board of Directors

The Treasure/CFO gives members receipts for their dues and insures the prompt and full payment of all expenses approved by majority board of director votes. The CFO always exercises prudent judgment in determining whether a bill is authentic and whether the amount is within the range agreed on by the board.

The Treasurer/CFO balances and reconciles the bank NHORA Chapter bank account (s0 and gives monthly financial reports at every board meeting.

Recording which members have paid their dues and forwards names and contact information to the Membership Committee Chair. Records when bills are paid and the check number and/or tracking sheets, maintains other financial items (i.e. bills, invoices, contracts, bank statements, reconciled spreadsheets, and deposit slips) that as needed for board member to review the books at random.

Compliance Officer/Sergeant At Arms

Assists the Chapter President, Chapter Secretary, and Treasurer/CFO with documentary compliance to State and Local authorities, NHORA National, and Board of Directors adherence to directives as initiated at the monthly board meetings.

Has a working knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order, Parliamentarian Procedures and assists the president in the proper points of order and motions at the monthly board meetings.

Insures that D&O insurance, Tax Documentation and Board of Director compliance issues and/or motions are carried through in a timely manner Delivers quarterly reports on Board of Director progress regarding individual sponsorship and new member recruitments to date.

Board of Directors/ Directors At Large

Promote the NHORA Mission and Vision.

Act as ambassadors and NHORA resource of information for the NHORA Affiliate Chapter within the local community and to the general NHORA membership Attend all meetings and events and serve as a sounding board to the membership-at-large.

Each Director actively participates in and chairs at least one committee and participates in the creation and implementation of Strategic Planning Committee goals.

Is actively accountable to the Board of Directors for assigned tasks Adheres to the NHORA Code of Conduct and Pledge of Integrity at all times Actively recruits membership to their NHORA Chapter and encourages member participation in committee work.

Looks for opportunities to expand the NHORA Leadership vision by taking note of and recommending any and all viable person(s) or potential outreach for consideration to the Board of Directors.