About Us

Mission Statement:

To promote Hispanic Leadership within the context of Community Building, Commerce, and Transparency in the Advancement of Sustainable Home ownership.
"Connecting Communities through Advocacy, Education and Leadership"About Us

National Board of Directors:

President: Robert Huibers
President Elect: Lupe Silva
Treasurer: Ed Diaz
Secretary: Alexandra Rodriguez
Director at large: Gema Smith
Advisory Board and Founder: Hilda Ramirez
Advisory Board and Founder: Jorge Carcamo
Advisory Board and Founder: Patricia Lindo
Advisory Board and Founder: Richard Gonzalez

National Leadership Council:

Jim Herrera (Founding President of Santa Clara)
Ed Diaz (Founding President of San Francisco)
Robert Huibers (Founding President of San Mateo)
Luis Mendoza (Founding President for San Diego)
Martin Reyna (Founding President for Las Vegas)
Rodolfo McEntyre (Founding President for Seattle)
Gema Smith (2011 and 2013 President of Santa Clara)
Frances Boscacci (2012 President of San Mateo)
Tania Cuevas (2012 and 2013 President of San Francisco)
Alexandra Rodriguez (2013 and 2014 President of San Mateo)
Lupe Silva (2014 President of Santa Clara)
Jorge Carcamo (Co-Founder)
Hilda Ramirez (Co-Founder)
Patricia Lindo (co-Founder)
Richard Gonzalez (co-Founder)
Karlos Guerra
Catherine Valdez

Our Chapters

Alameda Chapter Board of Directors:

Catherine Valdez, President
Soledad Garcia, Vice-President
Francisco Zermeno, Director at Large
Treasurer: Ricardo Giocoman
Secretary: Jake Pavlosky
Director at large: Rafael Alas
Advisory Board: Francisco Zermeno
Advisory Board: Martin Caraves

San Mateo Chapter Board of Directors:

Maria Vykhodtseva, President
Joy Spence, Treasure
Jessica Salazar, Secretary
Alberto Zamudio, Director of Membership

Advisory Board
Alejandra Rodriguez, President 2014

San Francisco Chapter Board of Directors:

Tania Cuevas, President
Al Rodriguez, Vice-President
Elizabeth Moreno, Treasurer

San Diego, Las Vegas and Seattle Chapter Ambassadors:

San Diego: Luis Mendoza, Ambassador
Las Vegas: Martin Reyna, Ambassador
Seattle: Rodolfo McEntyre, Ambassador

Santa Clara Chapter Board of Directors:

Alvaro Sanchez, President
Enrique Medellin, President-Elect
Alexandra Anderson, VP Strategic Planning
Thancy Camacho, VP Operations
Claudia Mendivil, Secretary
Conrad Solarez, Director of Compliance
Jose Nuńez, Treasurer

Directors at Large:

Gloria Trawick, Sponsorship & Public Relations
Juan Ortiz, Membership
Yolanda Obregon, Events Coordinator
Karyn Guarascio, Scholarship Program
Nelson Vasconez, Chair of Technology

Past Presidents:

2016 Maria Elena Casillas
2015 Gerardo Vasquez
2014 Guadalupe Silva


Hilda Ramirez

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